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The Rawson Families

Out of Walhalla

Henry Moring Sutherland (b abt 1892)

His daughter, Elizabeth Rose never knew him and his wife, Mary Lydia Pannach, never  spoke about him. However, in July 2015 I found information that I am reasonably certain provides the true identity of this man, who used Henry Moring Sutherland as an alias during the time he knew and married Mary Lydia Pannach.
At this stage, because there are other close family members of his who are probably still alive, I am not prepared to name him, but he was born in Victoria, he enlisted in Brisbane and served overseas in WW1, and he was already married, or had been married,  with children at the time he married Mary Lydia Pannach.
Contact me if you would like to know more.
Richard Rawson
July  2015.
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