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The Rawson Families

Out of Walhalla

Johann Traugott Pannach (b 1858)

His granddaughter, Elizabeth Rose Sutherland, considers that Johann (John) Traugott Pannach was an authoritarian and rather frightening figure.
He was a farmer born in South Australia who moved first to Walla Walla in NSW, and then with his wife and their first four children to the Linthorpe District of Queensland near Mount Tyson. In Mt Tyson he owned a dairy farm. His wife, Elisabeth Mickan, was born in the same town in South Australia as John. Their third child was Mary Lydia born in 1892. Their last child, Esther Theodora, was born in 1904.

Elizabeth Mickan

John Traugott Pannach

I hold a book called "From Cortnitz to South Australia - The Mickan Story" published in 1983. You will find here the pages from this book that provide information on the families of the children of John and Elisabeth.

Information on his parents is here.
The few photos I have that relate to the Pannach and Mickan families, apart from those of Mary Lydia Pannach, are in the gallery below.
Here are some notes that explain the movement of German immigrant families from South Australia to Walla Walla and other places.

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