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Raymond Frederick Redenbach (b 1922) 

Raymond Frederick Redenbach (Fred) was the third child of Adolph Redenbach and Frances Lilburn Commins, born 20 July 1922 in North Carlton.  He married Jean Alice Wilton in late 1945 and they had three children, Paula, John and Glenn.

Fred prepared two lots of notes about his life, the first in 1993 and the last in 2004.  He also, being a very keen Carlton supporter, has listed his ten best ever Carlton players.

His notes begin below.

2004 Notes

"Grandfather Jacob and three brothers arrived from Germany in 1865. I understand they were aged in their teens to early twenties and unaccompanied. They prospected for gold from Western Australia to Omeo (Cassilis) and southern NSW. Jacob and brother Daniel, who had married sisters (the Boyd sisters), took up farming land in their own right adjacent the Tambo River at Upper Tambo in Victoria.

They selected this land in 1875, prior to marriage in 1878. Both marriages resulted in families of eight children, and each family comprised four boys and four girls. Jacob named his farm "Rheinhoff". He is recorded as having worked very hard for the community. The four brothers were talented musicians and formed the first band in Bairnsdale.

Grandfather Commins was a successful barrister and solicitor in Bairnsdale. He raced several racehorses in the area. He lived on a farming property, with grandmother, called Emerald Hill and they also owned an adjacent property called Mern. My memory of the area is limited, but I recall my father putting me on a train to Bairnsdale where I was picked up and driven to Emerald Hill in a horse drawn jinker. The train trip started in Melbourne as we now lived at Jolimont adjacent to the Melbourne Cricket Ground. The few memories of my trip to my grandparents were of the hundreds of rabbitsalong the road (Sandy Lane) from Bairnsdale to Emerald Hill. They covered the lane on approach, moved off until we passed by, and then moved back again. The roadside was covered in bracken fern so I presume there was a picking of grass on the road. Another memory of this visit was learning to ride the farm pony called Pasha and having to hold a racehorse by a halter whilst he grazed on the lawn. Being a lively horse he promptly stomped on my foot – I was in agony for many days. Not very exciting memories but as I was only six years old they are things still in my memory some 70+ years on.


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Raymond Frederick Redenbach

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