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The Redenbach Families

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James Wilton (b 1885) 

The second child of Charles Wilton and Mary Ann Reid, James Wilton (‘Flash Jim’) was in the British Army during WW1, and he was certainly on or around the front line in some periods of 1917/18.  I hold a copy of a rough diary of his from that time and, although it has many gaps, it does show some of his activities.  His son James (b 1925) believes he was a wheelwright, and that fits with some of the information in his diary. It seems he was a Corporal, at least near the end of the war, and there a number of photos of him in uniform with what appears to be the small Army unit he was leading.
He came to Melbourne in November 1922 on the Barrabool, with his wife and their then two children, Charles and Margaret.  In Australia he was a builder.
At the time of his marriage, in July 1914 to Margaret Hamilton Moffat, his residence, as on his Marriage Certificate, was 396 Allison St, Glasgow.

James Wilton


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