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Jean Alice Wilton (b 1926) 

Jean Alice Wilton was the was the fourth child of James Wilton (b 1885) and Margaret Hamilton Moffatt, and born 20 July 1922 in North Carlton.  She married Raymond Frederick Redenbach in late 1945, and they had three children, Paula, John and Glenn. This page contains two lots of notes prepared by Jean Alice Redenbach (nee Wilton), born 31 December 1926.  More information on the Wilton family is here.
Notes Prepared in Late 2004.
"I was born on the 31st December 1926 to Margaret and James Wilton at our home in Reservoir. My mother’s maiden name was Moffat. I was the last child in our family; the eldest was Charles, 10 years older than me, sister Margaret and brother James. My mother had twins between Charles and Margaret - a boy William and a girl Helen - who each only lived for a few days. I was called Jean Alice after two of my mother’s sisters who lived in Scotland.
My parents migrated to Australia from Scotland five years earlier on an assisted passage of 10 Pounds. My mother was sick on the whole voyage so the crew on the ship looked after Charles while my father tended my mother and baby Margaret. I don’t remember a lot about my early life. My father was a carpenter by trade and mostly managed to find work, although times were tough and there was no money to spare. My mother (Margaret Hamilton Moffat) had a small shop at the front of our house at Thomastown for a while.
One of my earliest recollections was our house getting burnt down and the fire brigade coming - we had no electricity in those early times and my father had slipped on the polished floor whilst carrying a kerosene lamp, so the flames quickly spread and few things were saved. So we had very few photos etc of our early life. My father rebuilt the house while we rented elsewhere.
Our house was next to the school where I stayed until the 8th grade. My school days were reasonably happy, although I had lost the sight of one eye and often had to wear very dark glasses which the otherchildren teased me about, but I survived with little harm done.  I was a very average scholar and no good at sport, so naturally I was the last one to be picked for the side on sport’s day.

Jean Alice Wilton

On her 80th birthday (above)

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