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The Rawson & Redenbach Families

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Margaret Hamilton Moffat (b 1887)




The first born child of William Moffat and Helen Oliver she married James Wilton in July 1914 in Glasgow, Scotland.  Her Marriage Certificate indicates she was a "millinery salesperson".  She came to Melbourne in November 1922 on the Barrabool, with her husband and their then two children, Charles and Margaret. This is a copy of a School Certificate of Margaret's.
The 5th and 6th children, William and Helen, were twins who died at an early age, perhaps at birth. Jean Alice Wilton thinks that they were born between Charlie and Margaret.
Further notes on Margaret's family are here.

Margaret Moffat

William Moffat (b unknown)

The only information I have is that William Moffat married Helen Oliver - there are no dates of birth, no marriage date and no location data. It is possible William was a soldier, as indicated below.
The 1901 Scotland Census shows a Helen Moffat with six children residing at 43 Beckford Street in Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland. This address now looks to be within the bounds of the University of West Scotland. Helen is then 40 years old and was born in Glasgow in, therefore, about 1861. Her husband was obviously not at home at the time of the census and she records she is a “soldier’s wife”.
The children mentioned in the census are:
  • Alice aged 5 (born abt 1896) – born in Ireland
  • Jane aged 7 (born abt 1894) - born in Ireland, Alexander aged 9 (born abt 1892) – born in Ireland
  • Helen aged 10 (born abt 1891) – born in England, William aged 12 (born abt 1889) - born in England
  • Margaret aged 14 (born abt 1887) – born in England.
This could well be the family of Margaret Hamilton Moffat then aged 14. The year of birth fits with what we know already, as does the fact that we believe she was born in England, although I thought the sister called “Jane” should probably have been called “Jean”. Maybe it is a typo in the Ancestry.com transcription of the original record.
There is a note in a small incomplete diary kept by James Wilton (b 1885) that refers to a Dr N or W Moffat in Ireland. I assume the reference is to his father-in-law, William Moffat.
The photographic record is both slim and unclear. The small gallery below includes three photos that I believe to be of Helen Oliver, but I am by no means certain that it is her. The two photos of Nell (Helen) are, I believe, properly identified, but I am unsure of the pedigree of the family photo.
Is it sheer coincidence that in 1901 they may have been living in Hamilton and that the first born, Margaret, has Hamilton as her middle name?

Moffat Family Connection


The connection of the Moffat family to the Redenbach family is explained in the chart below.