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The Rawson Families

Out of Walhalla

Joseph Pitman (b 1807) 

Joseph Pitman was born, I think, in Milborne Port, a small village in Somerset, England in 1807. His parents were William Pitman and Ann Scott, and he was the third of nine children in the family. He married Louisa March in 1828 and they had five children.  I know nothing more about Louisa.

The first child, William Henry Pitman was born in 1829 and is shown in the photograph on the right. He came to Melbourne on the "Holyrood" in 1852, marrying Mary Bentley in 1854. They had five children, and their first born, Henry William (b 1855), married and had a large family.

The fourth child, Frederick John Pitman, born in 1832, came to the Colony of Victoria in 1857.

These charts from Patricia Hunt will provide more information about the Pitman family than is available in my data base. 


Joseph & Louisa's first child
William Henry Pitman (b 1829)


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