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The Rawson Families

Out of Walhalla

Frederick John Pitman (b 1832) 

Frederick John Pitman was born in England in 1832 according to my first records, although his son, RW Pitman (see link below) says it was 1835.  He married Maria Elizabeth Brice in 1856, and it seems they came out to Australia in 1857.  He became Congregational Minister in Yarrawonga in 1877 after establishing Churches at Chewton, Forest Hill and Sutton Grange in the Castlemaine area, where he was a Minister for 20 years.  While at Yarrawonga he established churches at Yarrawonga and Yarrawonga South, Bundalong and Wilby. 
He was elected as a member of the Board of Advice (whatever that was) for the Yarrawonga District in December 1893.
This document contains an obituary from the Yarrawonga Mercury, and a speech about FJ Pitman's life by one of his sons, RW Pitman (b 1874).  You will see that there are inconsistencies between his son's statements and the obituary.
Information about his fifth child, Josiah (b 1865) is here, and about some of the other children is here.
In April 2013 I obtained a number of photos of members of the Pitman family from Patricia Hunt. Some of those photos are in the gallery below and some on this page. Patricia also provided a number of documents, and this one outlines the Reverend's career and family life.

FJ Pitman & Sons

Reverend FJ Pitman (b 1832)

Maria Elizabeth Brice

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