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The Rawson Families

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Other Family Members of George Rawson (b 1842)

Of their eleven children three, Mary, Francis and William died at very young ages, and were buried, as far as we know on the farm.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is trying to confirm this. Frederick (b 1879), the last born, was killed in France in October 1917 while serving in the AIF.
Henry, the first born, in 1862, married Henrietta Horrocks in 1884, and of their six children only one, Constance Emily, reached adulthood.  "He was the last manager of the Long Tunnel Extended Mine at Walhalla.  Before this he was the underground manager.  After the death of Henrietta's mother in childbirth in 1882, her younger sister, Violet Horrocks, came to live with the family, and she was often called Violet Rawson at school".  (Source - Belinda Simpson).  Records from Trove indicate he became the acting manager on 12 June 1905, and presumably he had the job permanently some time after. After Walhalla Henry and family moved to Lardner, just south of Warragul, to farm, as his obituary shows.
Information on their second child, Richard, is here.
Margaret, the third child, married John Thomas Nelson in 1887 and they had a large family. I have quite a bit of information on the Nelson family connection, and this chart shows the descendants of John Nelson who I know about.
George Rawson, the fourth child, married Annie Claxton in Walhalla on 14 February 1892. Annie's parents were Charles Ellis Claxton, a miner born in 1837 in Norwich, England, and Catherine Cummins born about 1847 in Tarraville, South Gippsland. Charles and Catherine were married on 4 September 1866 in Rosedale, Gippsland, and had two children, John and Charles, before Annie was born.
The first child of George and Annie was Leo Augustus Rawson born on 4 August 1892 in Walhalla. Leo joined the AIF in June 1916, and his Service Record shows he was then a grocer living at 15 Young Street, Fitzroy, Victoria and his father (and other family?) were living at 122 Franklin Street, Adelaide. He went overseas in October 1916 and was in the 17th Field Artillery Battery.  He came home in February 1920.
George and Annie also lost a child in a house fire at Toombon.  The Maffra Spectator reported on the incident on 13 October 1902.  To the best of my knowledge the child killed was George Victor Rawson b 1901.  On the web I found reference to other children of George and Annie, but I have not checked the accuracy of the information in any way, and the data are not included in my family tree database.
Robert, the fifth child, married Ellen Smith.
Annie, the eighth child, married Hermann Gloz in 1894, and this article will give you some insight into the difficulties Hermann, as a German immigrant, faced during WW1.

Charles Rawson & Violet Horrocks, abt 1916

One of the children of Charles Rawson and Violet Horrocks, Jessie Valda May Rawson, married Fredrick Peter Gregory in July 1933. This photograph was taken on their wedding day.


The tenth child, Charles, was born in 1876 and he married Violet Horrocks in 1902.  They had five children.  Joseph Horrocks (b 1830) was Violet's father.  One of their children, Jessie Valda May Rawson, married Fredrick Peter Gregory in 1933.


The family had a hut in the Baw Baw area, and Jenny McNally, who now owns the southern half of what was the Rawson farm, believes the hut was in Mustering Flat, which is confirmed by the information obtained from this source and summarised below.

"Located at Mustering Flat, Mt Baw Baw.
Also known as Jans Hut. This hut may be confused with Hec Staggs hut also."
"The Rawson family owned this lease until 1913, after which Fred "Curly" Jans took it over. Hec Stagg took up this and a larger lease after that.
George Rawson built the first hut for grazing following his purchase of the lease in 1874, well before other huts were built to support skiing. The second hut was built before 1907. His son Charlie took over, and his grandson, Harry Jnr visited indicated that the first hut was demolished by a storm in 1938."

Two photos at right show Rawson's at the hut, but the accuracy of the dates and the identification of Rawson family members in each photo is unclear.

The other photo is from the Monash University Research Repository and "taken from an album documenting a trip to the summit of Mount Baw Baw." "The excursion party has reached the summit of Mount Baw Baw, and members of the party have climbed the cairn. Seated on horseback on the left is Dr. Hagenauer, while Harry Rawson, who grazed cattle on the Baw Baw Plateau, is seated on the right."  Until someone tells me otherwise I am going to assume that the Harry Rawson in the photo is Henry (Harry) Rawson (b 1862).  The location of Mustering Flat is shown in the Walhalla Map in the left column.


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