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The Rawson Families

Out of Walhalla

Josiah John Rawson (b 1922) 

Josiah John Rawson (b 1922) (Jack to his early Army mates, but John to family and others later on) was born in Yarrawonga, Victoria, in April 1922. From 1927 to 1938, he lived in the small Victorian country town of Derrinallum, where his father was postmaster. His schooling finished before he was 14, but he improved his educational standard to some small degree during the years that followed.
A shooting accident on Anzac Day, 1938, was followed by medical treatment in Melbourne. He remained in that city until 1941 when he entered the Army. He joined the AIF in 1942, during World War 2, but circumstances dictated that he would not leave Australia. He remained in the Army, leaving the Australian Regular Army as a Major in 1975. This is a summary of his military history.
He met his wife, Elizabeth Rose Sutherland, in Brisbane on VJ Day in 1945. They were married on the 2/11/1946 in Melbourne.  They lived in the Melbourne suburbs of St Kilda and then Caulfield before moving to Puckapunyal in 1949, Healesville in 1956, Puckapunyal again in 1958, Rye in 1962, Papua New Guinea in 1966, Mount Waverley in 1969, Greensborough in 1976 and then Ceres, near Geelong.  More details are in Mount Elephant Once Had Trees.  (See below)
John and Elizabeth had four children:
  • Richard (b 1947)
  • John (b 1951)
  • Jennifer (b 1953)
  • Robyn (b 1955)
John wrote four books, copies of which are available via the links in the right hand column.
  • Mount Elephant Once Had Trees (Book 1)
  • TopSec (Book 2)
  • An Ordinary Aussie Pesters The Press (Book 3)
  • An Atheist Assails Religion (Book 4)

Josiah John Rawson, abt 1975

John and Elizabeth Rawson (nee Sutherland),
abt 2005

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