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The Rawson Families

Out of Walhalla

John Rawson (b 1764) & Richard Rawson (b 1795)

John Rawson (b 1764) is the first Rawson shown in my records.  In 1792 he married Jane Jefferson in North Frodingham, Yorkshire, and they had six children.  I have no information about Jane's family.  Their second child, Richard, was born in 1795 and it seems he was a labourer.


Richard married Mary Ezard in 1824 in the coastal Yorkshire town of Bridlington. Richard is the reason, or at least part of the reason, for my first name.  There is at least one "Richard" in each of the following generations up to, and including, mine.  This letter, which is now not entirely understandable, was sent by Richard & Mary to their Australian relatives in 1868.


George Rawson (b 1842) was the last of their six children and it was he, together with his wife Mary Hercliff, who came to Australia at a very young age to begin a new life.

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