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The Rawson Families

Out of Walhalla

Richard Rawson (b 1864) 

Richard married Mary Ann Barrett in November 1886 at Moondarra, which is on the road between Erica and Moe.  She was born in Jericho, which was south of Matlock on the Great Dividing Range.  I say 'was' because to my knowledge there is nothing there now, although I noted on a web search recently that gold miners may be looking at the prospects within the area once more.  Jericho was a thriving little gold town for a while, but it was already in severe decline in 1867, and when I was there for work purposes in the mid 1980's it was nothing more than a small clearing and a patch of blackberries. 

Did Richard meet her at Jericho?  Was the family there at one stage before moving back south towards Walhalla? Richard and Mary's first child, George, was born in Toombon, so presumably the family resided there for a while before settling in Walhalla.  The locations of the births of their remaining children indicate the family came to Melbourne in about 1897/98. Further information on the family is here.

This photo of Jericho in 1906 comes from the Museum of Victoria Collection.

Richard Rawson abt 1910

Mary Ann Barrett

Richard, Mary & family (abt 1910)

Mary, Richard, George & Charles standing.  Henry on knee of Richard, Annie & Lillian


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