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The Rawson Families

Out of Walhalla

Other Family Members of Richard (b 1864) 

The first child, George (b 1887), married Lillian Jenkinson in South Melbourne in February 1915. There is a photo of them on their wedding day in the small gallery below.  Lillian was the (a?) daughter of Andrew Jenkinson and Susan Rickards.  They had one child, Ronald, born in Bendigo on 15 September 1924.
The second child, Charles (b 1890), joined the AIF in WW1 and a copy of his Service Record shows he enlisted on 7 January 1916, and served in 23 Battalion.  At enlistment he was about 5'11" tall and 148 pounds, with brown eyes and dark brown hair.  I suspect that when he enlisted he was a carpenter/joiner living at Apsley, but that at some stage while overseas his wife moved to 11 Dudley Street, Fitzroy, Victoria to be with her in-laws, Richard and Mary Ann.  He was still in Melbourne at Royal Park in June 1916, but he left for overseas in the Miltiades on 1 August 1916, disembarked at Plymouth on the 25 Sept 1916, and by late Nov 1916 he was in France.  He then seemed to be back and forward from England to France and in hospital frequently with illness.  He returned home on the Swakopmund on 2 Aug 1919 - which shows how long with shipping and other problems it took to get some troops home. Was he a signaller or engineer? .

Charles married Ellen Clemence Gressele (I am not certain the surname spelling is correct) in April 1913, and they had two children, Roy and Mary.  There is a photo of Mary with her cousin, Josiah John Rawson (my father), in the photo gallery on this page.

Information about the third child (my grandfather), Richard (b 1891), is here.

Lillian (b 1894), the fourth child, married Harold Martin and they had two children, Alan and Thelma, while the fifth child, Mary (b 1897), never married.
Robert, the sixth child, was born, and he died, in 1898. 
Annie (b 1901) married Albert Huggins and, presumably after he died, she married Harold Martin, the husband of her deceased sister Lillian.  I know of no children from these marriages.
The last child, Henry (b 1907), married Jean Sanders and they had a son, Neil.  Josiah John Rawson credits Henry with the good sense to support the Carlton Football Club and pass that on to himself.

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