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The Rawson Families

Out of Walhalla

Richard Rawson (b 1891) 

Richard was the third of the eight children of Richard Rawson (b 1864) and Mary Ann Barrett. He was born in Walhalla. He joined the postal service at an early age and delivered mail in and around Northcote in his early years. He became Postmaster at Derrinallum in 1926 before moving to Boort in 1941. He went from Boort to Kilmore in 1947, and then spent time at Heidelberg and Ivanhoe before retiring when at Fitzroy in 1956.
He married Annie Eileen Pitman in February 1913.
An article from a local newspaper, that describes a function to acknowledge their shift from Derrinallum to Boort, shows that he and his wife were well regarded, and involved in the management of a range of community activities.
More information about his siblings is here.
The fourth living child was my father, Josiah John Rawson (b 1922).  Information on Jessie, Richard Pitman Alan and Charles Bryan Rawson and Neville Peter Rawson is here.

Richard Rawson

I have my first memories of my paternal grandfather (Pop) from the time in the 1950's when he and Annie Eileen (Nana) lived in a flat in Ivanhoe.  Of course I never, much to my regret, ever really got to know him. However, everything I saw told me that he was a quiet man with a very good heart.  I would think he had a somewhat left-leaning view of the world, but if he did I suspect he would never be forceful or overbearing in his views.  Someday I may some see some evidence to the contrary, but I believe Richard was a good man of strong principles but reserved in his approach to people and issues.


Richard Peter Rawson

December 2014

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