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The Rawson & Redenbach Families

Out of Gippsland

Navigating this Site

This site is similar in content but quite different in presentation from my first site.
The most significant difference is that you can now access my family data directly to see the connections of individual family members. The links for these connections are provided both within articles and in separate modules to the right of articles. Theoretically you should be able to work your way through all of my data from the link to one person, but I have provided a large number of links to individuals to make access easier.
On most pages there will be a module called Joaktree Functions. Use the links in this module to search the data base of family members. (As at 31 August 2016, there is also a link in the Vertical Menu that allows access to family data through Webtrees.)
Hopefully, the overall menu structure will allow you to get around easily. The first step is really to decide whether you are interested in the Rawson and related families, or the Redenbach and related families. Use the vertical menu in the left hand column to select one or the other. That selection will show you, in the horizontal menu, the families about which I have information.  Hopefully things will then be clear about the basic site structure.
Galleries throughout the site will open with a click on any photograph, and each gallery has a slideshow option.  There are also two comprehensive Rawson and Redenbach galleries which, I hope, between them will show you every photo used on the site.
Please email me about any broken links or incorrect information.
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