Rawson, Redenbach & Connected Families

Frances Lilburn COMMINSAge: 37 years18871924

Frances Lilburn COMMINS
Birth 1887 29
Birth of a sisterDorothy Lilburn COMMINS
1889 (Age 2 years)

Birth of a sisterLouisa COMMINS
24 July 1891 (Age 4 years)
Birth of a sisterDulcie COMMINS
2 August 1894 (Age 7 years)
MarriageAdolph REDENBACHView this family
29 July 1914 (Age 27 years)
Birth of a son
Charles James REDENBACH
1 July 1915 (Age 28 years)

Birth of a son
Henry Adolphus REDENBACH
about 1917 (Age 30 years)

Birth of a son
Raymond Frederick REDENBACH
20 July 1922 (Age 35 years)
Death 18 July 1924 (Age 37 years)
Family with parents - View this family
elder brother
James Lilburn COMMINS
Birth: 5 February 1883 25Gippsland, Victoria, Australia
Death: 12 August 1960Ensay, Gippsland, Victoria
22 months
elder sister
5 years
younger sister
3 years
younger sister
3 years
younger sister
-7 years
Family with Adolph REDENBACH - View this family
Marriage: 29 July 1914South Yarra, Victoria, Australia
11 months
3 years
6 years

Shared note

"My darling Francie who died at Bairnsdale on the 18th July 1924. The sweetest in the world." Presumably written by her husband, Adolph Redenbach, and found on the back of her profile photograph.

She died during childbirth.

Although the date of her death is given as 18th July 1924, the headstone appears to say "19th July 1924" - see Scrapbook photo.