The Rawson & Redenbach Families

The Rawson, Redenbach & connected families that arise from settlement in Gippsland in the mid 1800's

“Some in the future may care, and some may not, for any reminiscence of their forefathers. Some only take note of the present fruit and flower of a tree and no account of the root from whence it sprung. But those who have gone before us should not be ignored or forgotten. They have left us a goodly heritage in unsullied names and respected lives.”
Emma L M Guy (nee Commins) (b 1862)

Johann Traugott Pannach (b 1858) & Elisabeth Mickan (b 1860)

His granddaughter, Elizabeth Rose Sutherland, considers that Johann (John) Traugott Pannach was an authoritarian and rather frightening figure.

He was a farmer born in South Australia who moved first to Walla Walla in NSW, and then with his wife and their first four children to the Linthorpe District of Queensland near Mount Tyson. In Mt Tyson he owned a dairy farm.

His wife, Elisabeth Mickan, was born in the same town in South Australia as John. Their third child was Mary Lydia Pannach (my maternal grandmother) born in 1892. Their last child, Esther Theodora, was born in 1904

I hold a book called "From Cortnitz to South Australia - The Mickan Story" published in 1983, and there is an extract from the book that provides information about the families of John and Elisabeth.

Here are some notes that explain the movement of German immigrant families from South Australia to Walla Walla and other places.


John Traugott Pannach
About 1900


Elizabeth Mickan
About 1900