The Rawson & Redenbach Families

The Rawson, Redenbach & connected families that arise from settlement in Gippsland in the mid 1800's

“Some in the future may care, and some may not, for any reminiscence of their forefathers. Some only take note of the present fruit and flower of a tree and no account of the root from whence it sprung. But those who have gone before us should not be ignored or forgotten. They have left us a goodly heritage in unsullied names and respected lives.”
Emma L M Guy (nee Commins) (b 1862)

Jacob Redenbach (b 1838) & Alexina Geraldine Boyd (b abt 1860)

In 1855 the four brothers (Phillip, Karl, Jacob and Daniel) arrived in Australia from Bavaria in Germany and all of them finally settled in the Bairnsdale area. Jacob and Daniel selected land at Tambo Upper, north of Swan Reach in East Gippsland, and Jacob called his property Rheinhoff. The property stayed in family hands until about 2004. Jacob married Alexina Geraldine Boyd in 1878, and they had eight children. Alexina was the second child of John Boyd and Isabella Reid. Her sister, Mary Elizabeth Boyd married one of Jacob's brothers, Daniel, during the next year.

A copy of Jacob's Will, and an obituary from a local newspaper may be of interest.


Jacob Redenbach
About 1905,


Alexina Geraldine Boyd
About 1905



The only photo I have of Jacob's family was taken at Rheinhoff in 1905, and it is probably from "The Tambo Shire Centenary History" by John David Adams, and published by the Tambo Shire Council in 1981.


Paula Jean Redenbach (Rawson) in front of Rheinhoff