The Rawson & Redenbach Families

The Rawson, Redenbach & connected families that arise from settlement in Gippsland in the mid 1800's

Adolph Redenbach (b abt 1887) & Frances Lilburn Commins (b 1888)

Adolph was the fourth of the eight children of Jacob Redenbach and Alexander Geraldine Boyd.

He married Frances Lilburn (b 1888) in July 1914, but unfortunately she died during the birth of what would have been their fourth child.

Following the death of Frances it was her sister, Dorothy Commins (b 1889), who took over the role of "mother" for the family.


Adolph Redenbach
About 1920


Frances Lilburn Commins
About 1920


Dorothy Commins
About 1942