The Rawson & Redenbach Families

The Rawson, Redenbach & connected families that arise from settlement in Gippsland in the mid 1800's

Other Family of James (b 1885) & Margaret Hamilton Moffat (b 1887)

The first born, Charles Wilton (b 1916), married Jean Hirt in 1942 and they had two children, Ian and Pamela. Charles was a potter and he was a founding member of Potters Cottage in Warrandyte, Victoria. This site explains the history of Potters Cottage, and the information below and the photo of Charles comes from there.

The second child, Margaret Wilton (b 1921) and Eddie McConachy had five children - Robert, Yvonne, Malcolm, Lindsay and Andrew. They had a farm at Barongarook, near Colac in Victoria. Margaret was a seamstress before she was married.

The third child, James Wilton (b 1925)(more usually known as Jimmy) and Betty Jones had three children - Barry, Dianne and Trevor. Jimmy was a motor mechanic.

The fourth child was Jean Alice Wilton (b 1926).

"Potters Cottage was a co-operative founded in Warrandyte in 1958 for the purpose of advocating the idea of making and selling handmade Australian pottery. The potters produced beautiful, functional studio pottery with attention to shape, decoration and glaze, bringing ancient craft together with the modern. Whilst they shared certain principles in their work, the distinctive style and individuality of each artist is strongly evident. Their shared idealistic belief that modern, handmade pottery could enhance the quality of contemporary life was central to their philosophy."

"The five founding members from 1958 were Reg Preston, Phyl Dunn, Artec Halpern, Gus McLaren and Charles Wilton; three additional members from 1961 were Sylvia Halpern, Elsa Ardern and Kate Janeba and the final member was Peter Laycock in 1969. The only founding member who was not a potter was the architect John Hipwell who acted as the group's President."

"Over a period of time Potters Cottage expanded to encompass a gallery, a flourishing pottery school, and finally a very successful and well known restaurant, Potters Restaurant (which Gus was very much involved in the setting up). He was also one of the principal teachers at the Potters School."


Charles Wilton (b 1916)
Potters Cottage



Margaret Hamilton Moffat, James Wilton and family


Margaret Wilton (b 1921)
About 1947


James Wilton (b 1925)
About early 2000s